How to Tag Someone on Twitter

Tagging someone on Twitter is a great way to get their attention, or to start a conversation. There are a few different ways to tag someone on Twitter, and we’re going to go over all of them so you can choose the best method for you.

How to Tag Someone on Twitter

1. First, type the “@” symbol followed by the person’s username in your tweet (no spaces). This will automatically notify the person that they have been tagged.

2. You can also click on the “Add names or hashtags” icon, which looks like a silhouette of a person, and type in the desired username.

3. Keep in mind that the person you are tagging must have a public account and must be following you in order for them to receive a notification.

4. Tagging someone can increase engagement on your tweet and help bring attention to the person or brand you are mentioning. However, make sure not to tag without permission as it may come off as spammy or invasive.

5. Happy tweeting!


Tagging someone on Twitter is a great way to get their attention or start a conversation. Simply type in the “@” symbol followed by their username to mention them in your Tweet or reply. You can also tag people in your retweets by clicking on the “Retweet with comment” button and adding your own commentary with the “@” symbol method. Thanks for reading and happy tweeting!

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