How to Clear Twitter Cache

Seasoned Twitter users know that the platform can be slow at times. This is often due to a buildup of cached data, which includes everything from tweets to avatars. If you’re looking for a way to speed up your Twitter experience, then you’ll need to clear your cache. Keep reading to learn how it’s done.

How to Clear Twitter Cache

1. On the Twitter app, go to your profile and tap on the “Settings and Privacy” option.

2. Under the Account tab, tap on “Data usage.”

3. From there, you can tap on “Media storage,” where you can then tap on “Clear media storage” to clear all saved images and videos from your device’s cache.

4. If you want to clear some specific data, such as search history or location information, you can also tap on those options under the Data usage tab and select “Clear” for each category.

5. Keep in mind that clearing this information may affect how personalized your Twitter experience is, but it can also free up storage space on your device.

6. Keep in mind that clearing this information will not remove anything from Twitter’s servers, so it may still be accessible to others. To completely remove any saved data from Twitter’s servers, you can also go to the “Your Twitter data” tab under Settings and Privacy and select “Delete all.” However, please note that this action cannot be undone.

7. It’s always a good idea to periodically clear your Twitter cache to keep your account secure and optimized for performance. Happy tweeting!


Clearing your Twitter cache is a quick and easy way to speed up your Twitter experience. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can have a faster twitter experience in no time!

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